Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pirate Treasure Hunt DIY

There is nothing like a good treasure hunt to spice up any special event or even just a regular old day! We decided to create one in honor of back to school with the treasure being a cute little outfit and some day-to-day goodies like bath bombs and school supplies. We have also done them for holidays, birthdays, or even just a random special little surprise.
They are so quick and easy to make and they can make any little gift or snack that much more special.

The only things you NEED are a piece of paper and marker. Then you can dress them up however you want by burning the edges or tying them up with cute yarn for a fun a look. They can be made festive for a holiday or a birthday or kept simple for day to day. We have even sprayed them with glitter spray for a princess inspired theme before! A ruler may also help if you are particular about the lines, like myself, haha!

Find a good hiding spot for your treasure first and then settle in with your paper and marker to draw an aerial view of the room or whole house making shapes to symbolize any furniture or landmarks.
Pick a starting point on your map where you will start them off and then make a dotted line all around the map marking the path they need to take to find the treasure, which is of course marked with a big ol’ X!

Depending on how old your kids are it can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be! We keep them pretty simple right now but hope to add in some extra fun steps, as the kids get older. However difficult, I guarantee any age will have fun searching all around the house for their “treasure”!
I handed them their maps the day before Jax started school (I did one for each of them) and got them all dressed up in their Little Adventures Pirate costumes so that they felt like real pirates hunting down there booty. The outfits really sealed the deal and got them in the spirit! They had so much fun trying to figure out which way to go and searching for their goodies. That part is almost as much fun as opening up the little gift at the end!

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Hot Chocolate Play Dough Playdate

Nothing warms you up and gets you into a festive mood quite like hot chocolate, we teamed up with @lifeofcoco_ to bring you this nifty idea great for a play date or every day. Read below to find out more!

"Play dough is always a huge hit around here and we decided to put a festive spin on it! We took our go-to recipe and added some cocoa powder to create hot cocoa dough and we are sharing that with you today!
Creating these play dough trays happen to be one of my favorite things and I was excited to put together this one for Juliette and one of her friends, Nathaniel!
I included:
hot cocoa play dough
rolling pin
wooden spoon
small Starbucks cups + sticks
chocolate bar cookie cutter
marshmallows (as a tasty treat!)
We invited our good friends over for a morning playdate – and it was no surprise that my princess had to dress up for the occasion! It is rare that we go a day without putting on one of our beloved Little Adventures Dress Up dresses and this morning she chose her Winter Beauty ensemble!
What a fun morning! I will include the play dough recipe down below. Please tag @lifeofcoco_ and @littleadventuresdressups if you try it, we would love to see your creations!
Recipe for coco play dough below.
Hot Chocolate Playdough Recipe (from @lifeofcoco_)
1 Cup flour
1 cup water
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
1/3 cup salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
3 tsp cocoa powder
Brown food coloring
1. Mix together all the ingredients in a 2-quart saucepan
2. Cook over low/medium heat, stirring
3. Continue stirring until the mixture is thickened and begins to gather around the spoon.
4. Remove the dough onto wax paper or a plate to cool."

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Winter Woodland Cocoa Picnic

Come take a magical journey with Little Adventures and @frannie_grams as we have a picnic, build a fort, and sip hot cocoa, a sure way to brighten up your little ones day!

"A cool breeze scatters leaves into a soft carpet on the ground. Cold hands graciously cup a warm mug of cocoa brimming with fluffy white marshmallows, as sticky fingers stir the delicious concoction with a peppermint stick. We snuggle up and tell each other stories and relish each other’s precious company while giggling and making messes without so much as a glance to the setting sun fading in the distance - illuminating the sky with rosy, painterly hues. 'Tis a magical woodland cocoa picnic fit for a Renaissance Princess! Here’s how you can setup your very own little adventure.

1. Gather your materials
We searched our local thrift store for textiles and discovered all kinds of luxurious (bargain) treasures! A luxurious selection  of pillows, blankets, and our tent fabric; a large lightweight curtain panel.
For our hot cocoa tray we included peppermint sticks, marshmallows, and butter cookies. We prepped our hot cocoa ahead of time and carefully poured it into a thermos to keep it warm while we were assembling our tent.
For a fresh and festive touch, we foraged for some evergreens. Other fun ideas would be a sprig of juniper berry, boxwood, or holly.
Tip: mix fresh greenery with an artificial decorative sprig for a full, less time intensive bough; rummage through your pre-existing holiday decor for pieces you already own!

2. Choose your location
We found our magical woodland plot by searching for a clearing with two trees spaced out with plenty of room to lounge and play!
Pro Tip: make sure the ground is dry, or use a tarp underneath your spread to protect your textiles (and littles!) from the mud! We learned this the hard way...but thankful everything (including our little adventures dress!) is washable!

3. Construct your tent
We wrapped poly/cotton twine between two trees; tripling the string to make it extra sturdy. Then, we simply spread our large tent fabric over the string to create the triangular tent shape. We placed found branches and rocks on the sides of the tent fabric to weigh it down.

4. Make it cozy
Now comes the fun part! Toss in your blankets, fluff up your pillows, and add cozy decorative touches to make the tent your very own luxurious lounging spot!

5. Savor your Festive Gathering!
Make a good mess, enjoy your sweets and treats, then do it all over again really soon! Memories in the making.       
Some more fun ideas for enjoying your tent could include a read aloud time with your favorite books, a board game, journaling time, or a nature scavenger hunt!"

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Saturday, December 21, 2019

Cookies for Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood!

Are you traveling for the holidays? If yes, you know how long the car ride can be with little ones in tow, even if you aren't traveling that far! Well, here's an idea from @lifemadewithlove that is creative, exciting, and will give them something to focus on besides "are we there yet?!" Or it could just be for an everyday activity if you're in need of something new and interesting to do. Either way if this is you, read on to find out more!

"Maybe it’s the holidays coming up, but we have been making a lot of cookies!  With the colder weather coming in and the days of us spending all evening outside fading away, we have turned to the indoor activities.  Which for this family has meant lots of book reading, lots of snuggling up, and LOTS of cookies.

No one is complaining about the constant flow of goodies, but I was still looking for a way to really embrace our creativity and put a magical spin on a normal evening.  We sat down to read a handful book one night and after reading Little Red Riding Hood it dawned on me!  I would be so fun to make this story come to life.  I pulled out our Little Adventures red cloaks for the kids and started brainstorming.
 On a night I was already planning on surprising the kids with a trip to Grandmas house, I set our book out and asked who wanted to read a story before we got ready to go?!

We owed and awed as we read the story, searching for the wolf through the pages.  I mentioned that we could make our own batch of cookies to take to Grandmas but that we would have to be careful and try to avoid the wolf ourselves along the way!  With big eyes they got so excited about helping me add all the ingredients and mix everything up!  We made a simple no-bake cookie to keep it quick (which would hold their attention) and to allow for a lot of things they could easily help with!  Not to mention, we LOVE them.  I think they lasted… a few hours maybe?

After letting them set we packed them up in a pretty holiday basket, unfortunately I couldn’t find a real picnic basket, but this ended up being even more festive!  Then the kids grabbed the tin, pulled up their red hoods and prepared for the journey to Grandmas!
The car ride was filled with fake wolf sightings and close calls of getting eaten.  There were a couple near drops, but the cookies stayed safe in the kid’s hands the whole time!  After an adventurous drive and quick check by dad to make sure Grandma hadn’t been eat by the big bad wolf it was time to enjoy some cookies! 
I think they may have tasted even better than normal after avoiding so many close calls and dire situations! It was such a fun way to put a spin on something we do every day, and the kids absolutely loved immersing themselves in a story and playing along."

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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Upcycled Princess Notebook

Christmas school holiday is just about here and we've teamed up with @frannie_grams to bring you this awesome project to help entertain the little ones when they start going a little stir crazy!

"We love the opportunity to re-use materials! Here is a fun and creative way to let your little adventurer participate in a fun upcycling project! We upcycled the rectangular cardboard insert that was part of our Little Adventure Dress-up packaging - into Ida's very own enchanting princess notebook.


  1. Rectangular piece of cardboard (the Little Adventures dress packaging insert is perfect for this!) 
  2. Letter Size paper 
  3. Hole punch
  4.  String
  5. Art Materials; we used crayons, markers, a gluestick, feathers, and lots of sequins!

Step 1
Decorate to your hearts desire!
On the matte (non-shiny) side of the cardboard insert, we made a creative mess and got to decorating! We used crayons and markers for color and sequins and feathers for extra princess pizazz. 
Other fun ideas would be to create an Adventure Log, a nature journal, or a photo album.

Step 2
Make your Book
Fold the cardboard and letter size paper in half. The cardboard will be the book cover, and the letter size paper - the book pages.The pages should fit nicely inside the cardboard 'book cover' . Using a hole punch, carefully punch 3 holes about half an inch from the cardboards folded edge. With the folded letter paper pages on the inside of the carboard cover, use a pen to mark a dot onto the paper from the holes on the outside to give you a guideline on where to punch your holes so that they match up neatly.Using small pieces of string, simply tie a knot through the cover and the pages of your book. 
Try using a ribbon to make things extra fancy!

Step 3
Record All Your Little Adventures!
We added a fuzzy pen to make Ida's princess adventure sketches extra fancy and fun! Depending on the age of your little adventurers, get creative with some fun drawing/writing prompts!  Here are a few examples:
  • Can you draw what you did today?
  • Where do you want to explore?
  • Lets draw 5 animals we see
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • If you can only bring 3 things on your next adventure, what would they be?

There is no limit to creativity! Try tracing found objects, make leaf rubbings, glue miscellaneous paper scraps, use stickers, etc

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

Unidoodles (Unicorn Snickerdoodles)

We teamed up with @momsofsacramento to bring you this a fun and easy activity for your little ones! It's filled up with unicorns, sprinkles, cookies, and fun galore, it's the perfect thing for an afternoon adventure. Watch the video below to learn how to make these awesome cookies.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

A Note From a Princess!

Do you need a creative way to give your princess's next gift? Well here is a great idea from @lifemadewithlove, I mean who wouldn't LOVE getting a special gift from their favorite princess!? 

         "Getting a Little Adventures dress is ALREADY so amazing, but what if there was a way to make it even more special? What if it also came from a princess?!
My daughter is absolutely obsessed with everything princess and everything dress up. She lives in her gowns and just loves to wear them (literally) everywhere! So we are always adding to our collection as she watches and reads about new fairy tales and new princesses.
I wanted to find a way to gift her one in a really special way, and I thought, what better way then from a princess herself? Straight from the castle with a little note attached.
I went in search of the perfect box and the perfect kind of paper that only a princess would use. I found some super fun glittery gold paper at the craft store and sat down to do my very best attempt at some calligraphy. My handwriting is far from perfect so I was pretty proud of my script. I would definitely recommend buying more than one sheet if you plan to write this note yourself like I did. While princesses may write perfectly thought out letters with beautiful penmanship, I however, am still human and very capable of making lots of mistakes. Oops!
After a few tries it turned out lovely and fit for a princess. I even tried my hand at making a little royal stamp at the top of the page so it looked like it came from the royal castle. Signed by Cinderella herself, the note was ready to be placed with the dress, necklace and crown.
It looked so pretty all put together within some pretty purple tissue paper and laying on her bed waiting for her. It was just the little something we needed to make the gift extra special and WAY more magical! The best part is it only took a few minutes to put together, but the smile on Luella’s face when I read the note for her and gave her the dress was everything!"

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Friday, October 4, 2019

DIY Play Pretend Felt Dog Treats

Some days I WISH we had a vet living in this house. Actually, most days I wish that. With three dogs and two cats, someone’s pretty much always got something going on. Shots, medicines, ear aches, you name it! But for now, I guess these two will just have to pretend to be vets. Giving doses of kisses and snuggles as their medicines. Something you won’t find anyone complaining about over here!
They have been having so much fun playing pretend veterinarian the past couple weeks with their new vet set up. Most of their “patients” have been cooperative, but others… not so much. Our littlest dog Peewee has got the most attention, probably due to the fact that he can be easily lifted and placed on the chair/work station for an examination. The other dogs are a little too big to be picked up and the cats are pretty good at hiding from the doctor. Still, these two won’t give up hope on having a real life patient if they don’t have too. It isn’t often I find them treating their stuffed animals, but when they do we try to be prepared!
To help make our guests (real and make believe) feel a little more at home at the office we went to the store and got some real treats along with the tools to make play pretend ones.
To make the play pretend ones all you need is felt and some stuffing! You can hot glue or use a sewing machine to put them together. I opted for the sewing machine. Then just follow the instructions below!

  1. Cut out a stencil. Make sure it is wider and slightly longer than you would like the bones to turn out. Once stuffed, they will shrink up a bit. 
  2. Using your stencil, cut out your felt pieces. 
  3. Sew or glue along all of the edges, leaving only about an inch wide gap open. 
  4. Stuff it! 
  5. Once it is completely stuffed try to push the stuffing away from your opening the best you can. I use pins to hold it back and give me enough space to close it up. Then sew or glue your opening closed. 
  6. It’s finished! Time to see if your stuffy pets love them as much as ours do!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Kid-sized Character Coloring Pages

Check out this next activity from @lifemadewithloveblog, bringing us more exciting ways to entertain our little ones.
My kids are always begging me to make them giant coloring pages. It started after my son drew all over our downstairs walls with crayon (in a matter of maybe 2 unsupervised minutes…) and we ended up having to paint the entire floor.
We wanted to find a “fun” and “appropriate” way to explore drawing on the walls. So we came up with the idea of cutting multiple sheets of paper from a roll and lining them up along the wall to create one very large piece of paper. Then for his fourth birthday party we created one similar and drew a whole outlined dinosaur scene on to it. The kids loved it and couldn’t get enough of coloring in dinosaurs that were the same size as they were. It was also great because multiple kids could color together, and there was definitely plenty to color!
This time around we wanted to try out making individual life-size characters. Ones that were the EXACT same size as the kids, dressed JUST like them.
First I had them go up and put on their favorite dress up costumes. Jaxon transformed into Spiderman (of course!) and Lu picked her favorite Little Adventures dress, which is currently The Scandinavian Princess Coronation Dress. Then we unraveled and cut the roll of paper so we had a piece that was about the same height as each of the kids and taped it to the wall. One of the reasons I LOVE the rolls of paper so much is not only because it fits into the kid’s easel, but because you get SO much of it! Tape it up good! Lots of coloring and leaning on the paper can pull on it and cause it to fall down easily.
Once the paper was secured, I had the kids stand against it in their best character pose and be perfectly still. You can even trace them while lying on the ground before hanging up the paper if they would rather look like they are flying or floating! I did a quick trace around them so that they wouldn’t get too impatient and then added the detail in after they moved.
If you look closely as Lu’s dress you can tell that the “detail” doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to resemble the concept. Her dress is covered in flowers, so I did a couple loose flowers and then added lots of swirls. From a step back it looks pretty close, especially since it is going to be scribbled ALL over!
After everything is outlined it’s the kids turn to have some fun and color them in! My little artists are absolutely in love with coloring and drawing, so for them, this was a perfect thing to do in a day. Not to mention, they love the idea of drawing themselves AS the character. It takes pretend play to a whole new level as they look down at themselves and what they are wearing and try to match the colors of their own clothes to the outlines of the picture.
 It may seem like even with crayons this is a super messy idea and basically teaches kids to color on the walls. Which, I must admit, this did start AFTER Jax went crazy on our walls... But, crayon comes off of (painted) walls easily. I use a dry rag and it takes it right off! Between my husband and I, we have already been asked to make about 5 or 6 more of these in the last couple of days, haha! They are currently hung up all around the house and the kids come and go from each one as they feel like it. It’s the perfect on going activity to have for whenever there may be down time throughout the day.
See below for more of the fun!