Saturday, September 21, 2019

Kid-sized Character Coloring Pages

Check out this next activity from @lifemadewithloveblog, bringing us more exciting ways to entertain our little ones.
My kids are always begging me to make them giant coloring pages. It started after my son drew all over our downstairs walls with crayon (in a matter of maybe 2 unsupervised minutes…) and we ended up having to paint the entire floor.
We wanted to find a “fun” and “appropriate” way to explore drawing on the walls. So we came up with the idea of cutting multiple sheets of paper from a roll and lining them up along the wall to create one very large piece of paper. Then for his fourth birthday party we created one similar and drew a whole outlined dinosaur scene on to it. The kids loved it and couldn’t get enough of coloring in dinosaurs that were the same size as they were. It was also great because multiple kids could color together, and there was definitely plenty to color!
This time around we wanted to try out making individual life-size characters. Ones that were the EXACT same size as the kids, dressed JUST like them.
First I had them go up and put on their favorite dress up costumes. Jaxon transformed into Spiderman (of course!) and Lu picked her favorite Little Adventures dress, which is currently The Scandinavian Princess Coronation Dress. Then we unraveled and cut the roll of paper so we had a piece that was about the same height as each of the kids and taped it to the wall. One of the reasons I LOVE the rolls of paper so much is not only because it fits into the kid’s easel, but because you get SO much of it! Tape it up good! Lots of coloring and leaning on the paper can pull on it and cause it to fall down easily.
Once the paper was secured, I had the kids stand against it in their best character pose and be perfectly still. You can even trace them while lying on the ground before hanging up the paper if they would rather look like they are flying or floating! I did a quick trace around them so that they wouldn’t get too impatient and then added the detail in after they moved.
If you look closely as Lu’s dress you can tell that the “detail” doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to resemble the concept. Her dress is covered in flowers, so I did a couple loose flowers and then added lots of swirls. From a step back it looks pretty close, especially since it is going to be scribbled ALL over!
After everything is outlined it’s the kids turn to have some fun and color them in! My little artists are absolutely in love with coloring and drawing, so for them, this was a perfect thing to do in a day. Not to mention, they love the idea of drawing themselves AS the character. It takes pretend play to a whole new level as they look down at themselves and what they are wearing and try to match the colors of their own clothes to the outlines of the picture.
 It may seem like even with crayons this is a super messy idea and basically teaches kids to color on the walls. Which, I must admit, this did start AFTER Jax went crazy on our walls... But, crayon comes off of (painted) walls easily. I use a dry rag and it takes it right off! Between my husband and I, we have already been asked to make about 5 or 6 more of these in the last couple of days, haha! They are currently hung up all around the house and the kids come and go from each one as they feel like it. It’s the perfect on going activity to have for whenever there may be down time throughout the day.
See below for more of the fun!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Here at Little Adventures we have teamed up with @momsofsacramento to give you some ideas on the best ways to celebrate!! Read below to find out more!

Argggghhhh!!  Happy National Talk Like a Pirate Day matey!

What better way to celebrate than to dress like one?! This fun, Little Adventures top will help get your little raider in the spirit and pairs perfectly with the hat included in the set.
A fun sword helps take the transformation to another level, and soon you’ll have a buccaneer
sailing the open seas from the comfort of their playroom! 
BUT WAIT, a pirate isn’t complete without his mermaid sister! Paired with a floral headband, this
two-piece mermaid set is sure to wow any princess. The skirt is marbled and the top and bottom
are lined with sequins and ruffles! 

Once you’ve dressed the part, here are some activities you can do to celebrate National Talk Like a
Pirate Day, or maybe throw a themed birthday party or celebration of your own and really shiver ye

  1. TREASURE SCAVENGER HUNT! - X Marks the spot with this fun-filled scavenger hunt!  Print one out and enjoy hiding these in the designated areas for an hour long adventure, or simply pick one or two for the wee pirates!  Don’t worry, “treasure” doesn’t have to be money, a new toy or anything fancy....even your little one’s favorite snack or a dollar store knick knack is sure to bring them excitement.  It’s all in the journey! =)
  2. RRRRREAD A PIRRRRATE BOOK! We happen to have a pirate themed Pete the Cat book we got from our good friends, the Carrs, on hand. If you don’t, however, The Measured Mom has a great printable available on her site, or you can make your own!! All you need it paper, trust, and a little pirate dust.
  3. ENJOY PIRATE THEMED FOODS! Pirate’s booty, goldfish and gummy sharks are just the start. Find ways to make some fun yo-ho snacks that fit the theme. This can be as simple as cutting PB & J sandwiches into boats, clear blue “ocean” jello cups or peanut butter and raising celery boats! 
  4. DON’T FORGET THE TUNES! Mom or dad, spend ten minutes adding tunes to a Youtube playlist and let it run while you have fun! Keywords: “Pirate kids songs” or “Pirate toddler tunes”.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Princess Pasta

When it comes to lunchtime, there is only one food good enough for a princess.
PRINCESS PASTA and we have @LifeMadeWithLove showing us how to do it! Continue reading to see this awesome and easy way to spice up dinner, along with pictures that will have your princess saying, "Yes, please!"
"We were in a desperate need to spice up our lunch routine and since Lu will only change from one Little Adventures princess dress to another there was really only one answer! The sparkly, pink on pink deliciousness of princess pasta!
I love playing with pasta because it is so simple and not at all some crazy endeavor
with fifty ingredients that you have to hunt down from five different grocery stores.
As long as you have food coloring and the stuff for spaghetti you are all set (Bonus if
you have sprinkles), and it doesn’t even take any extra time! It’s just a little extra
something to make lunch time a teensy bit more special.
All you need is your normal noodles that you have for pasta, food coloring, an
Alfredo sauce, and some sprinkles!
While boiling the noodles, add food coloring directly to the water. Keep an eye on
how they are coloring and add more food coloring until you get the color you are
looking for. The noodles will absorb the color while they boil.
Drain noodles and grab some Alfredo sauce. Add some more food coloring to that
until everything is looking nice and PINK! Then you just add your sauce to your
noodles and sprinkle on some sprinkles for extra fun! I had some sparkly heart
flakes that worked out perfectly and gave that extra fun shine to the meal!
There are so many ways that coloring noodles can make lunch fun. At the same time
as making these, I made my son “Spider-man noodles” by coloring them red and
blue. My favorite thing is that it is something small and easy to do that can make a
pretty big difference in any kids eyes!"