Friday, October 4, 2019

DIY Play Pretend Felt Dog Treats

Some days I WISH we had a vet living in this house. Actually, most days I wish that. With three dogs and two cats, someone’s pretty much always got something going on. Shots, medicines, ear aches, you name it! But for now, I guess these two will just have to pretend to be vets. Giving doses of kisses and snuggles as their medicines. Something you won’t find anyone complaining about over here!
They have been having so much fun playing pretend veterinarian the past couple weeks with their new vet set up. Most of their “patients” have been cooperative, but others… not so much. Our littlest dog Peewee has got the most attention, probably due to the fact that he can be easily lifted and placed on the chair/work station for an examination. The other dogs are a little too big to be picked up and the cats are pretty good at hiding from the doctor. Still, these two won’t give up hope on having a real life patient if they don’t have too. It isn’t often I find them treating their stuffed animals, but when they do we try to be prepared!
To help make our guests (real and make believe) feel a little more at home at the office we went to the store and got some real treats along with the tools to make play pretend ones.
To make the play pretend ones all you need is felt and some stuffing! You can hot glue or use a sewing machine to put them together. I opted for the sewing machine. Then just follow the instructions below!

  1. Cut out a stencil. Make sure it is wider and slightly longer than you would like the bones to turn out. Once stuffed, they will shrink up a bit. 
  2. Using your stencil, cut out your felt pieces. 
  3. Sew or glue along all of the edges, leaving only about an inch wide gap open. 
  4. Stuff it! 
  5. Once it is completely stuffed try to push the stuffing away from your opening the best you can. I use pins to hold it back and give me enough space to close it up. Then sew or glue your opening closed. 
  6. It’s finished! Time to see if your stuffy pets love them as much as ours do!

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  1. As a dog lover this makes my heart happy. How cute are those homemade dog treats and so easy to sew. Jenny (Little Adventures Owner)