Friday, November 1, 2019

A Note From a Princess!

Do you need a creative way to give your princess's next gift? Well here is a great idea from @lifemadewithlove, I mean who wouldn't LOVE getting a special gift from their favorite princess!? 

         "Getting a Little Adventures dress is ALREADY so amazing, but what if there was a way to make it even more special? What if it also came from a princess?!
My daughter is absolutely obsessed with everything princess and everything dress up. She lives in her gowns and just loves to wear them (literally) everywhere! So we are always adding to our collection as she watches and reads about new fairy tales and new princesses.
I wanted to find a way to gift her one in a really special way, and I thought, what better way then from a princess herself? Straight from the castle with a little note attached.
I went in search of the perfect box and the perfect kind of paper that only a princess would use. I found some super fun glittery gold paper at the craft store and sat down to do my very best attempt at some calligraphy. My handwriting is far from perfect so I was pretty proud of my script. I would definitely recommend buying more than one sheet if you plan to write this note yourself like I did. While princesses may write perfectly thought out letters with beautiful penmanship, I however, am still human and very capable of making lots of mistakes. Oops!
After a few tries it turned out lovely and fit for a princess. I even tried my hand at making a little royal stamp at the top of the page so it looked like it came from the royal castle. Signed by Cinderella herself, the note was ready to be placed with the dress, necklace and crown.
It looked so pretty all put together within some pretty purple tissue paper and laying on her bed waiting for her. It was just the little something we needed to make the gift extra special and WAY more magical! The best part is it only took a few minutes to put together, but the smile on Luella’s face when I read the note for her and gave her the dress was everything!"

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