Saturday, December 21, 2019

Cookies for Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood!

Are you traveling for the holidays? If yes, you know how long the car ride can be with little ones in tow, even if you aren't traveling that far! Well, here's an idea from @lifemadewithlove that is creative, exciting, and will give them something to focus on besides "are we there yet?!" Or it could just be for an everyday activity if you're in need of something new and interesting to do. Either way if this is you, read on to find out more!

"Maybe it’s the holidays coming up, but we have been making a lot of cookies! With the colder weather coming in and the days of us spending all evening outside fading away, we have turned to the indoor activities. Which for this family has meant lots of book reading, lots of snuggling up, and LOTS of cookies.

No one is complaining about the constant flow of goodies, but I was still looking for a way to really embrace our creativity and put a magical spin on a normal evening. We sat down to read a handful book one night and after reading Little Red Riding Hood it dawned on me! I would be so fun to make this story come to life. I pulled out our Little Adventures red cloaks for the kids and started brainstorming.
On a night I was already planning on surprising the kids with a trip to Grandmas house, I set our book out and asked who wanted to read a story before we got ready to go?!

We owed and awed as we read the story, searching for the wolf through the pages. I mentioned that we could make our own batch of cookies to take to Grandmas but that we would have to be careful and try to avoid the wolf ourselves along the way! With big eyes they got so excited about helping me add all the ingredients and mix everything up! We made a simple no-bake cookie to keep it quick (which would hold their attention) and to allow for a lot of things they could easily help with! Not to mention, we LOVE them. I think they lasted… a few hours maybe?

After letting them set we packed them up in a pretty holiday basket, unfortunately I couldn’t find a real picnic basket, but this ended up being even more festive! Then the kids grabbed the tin, pulled up their red hoods and prepared for the journey to Grandmas!
The car ride was filled with fake wolf sightings and close calls of getting eaten.  There were a couple near drops, but the cookies stayed safe in the kid’s hands the whole time!  After an adventurous drive and quick check by dad to make sure Grandma hadn’t been eat by the big bad wolf it was time to enjoy some cookies! 
I think they may have tasted even better than normal after avoiding so many close calls and dire situations! It was such a fun way to put a spin on something we do every day, and the kids absolutely loved immersing themselves in a story and playing along."

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