Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pirate Treasure Hunt DIY

There is nothing like a good treasure hunt to spice up any special event or even just a regular old day! We decided to create one in honor of back to school with the treasure being a cute little outfit and some day-to-day goodies like bath bombs and school supplies. We have also done them for holidays, birthdays, or even just a random special little surprise.
They are so quick and easy to make and they can make any little gift or snack that much more special.

The only things you NEED are a piece of paper and marker. Then you can dress them up however you want by burning the edges or tying them up with cute yarn for a fun a look. They can be made festive for a holiday or a birthday or kept simple for day to day. We have even sprayed them with glitter spray for a princess inspired theme before! A ruler may also help if you are particular about the lines, like myself, haha!

Find a good hiding spot for your treasure first and then settle in with your paper and marker to draw an aerial view of the room or whole house making shapes to symbolize any furniture or landmarks.
Pick a starting point on your map where you will start them off and then make a dotted line all around the map marking the path they need to take to find the treasure, which is of course marked with a big ol’ X!

Depending on how old your kids are it can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be! We keep them pretty simple right now but hope to add in some extra fun steps, as the kids get older. However difficult, I guarantee any age will have fun searching all around the house for their “treasure”!
I handed them their maps the day before Jax started school (I did one for each of them) and got them all dressed up in their Little Adventures Pirate costumes so that they felt like real pirates hunting down their booty. The outfits really sealed the deal and got them in the spirit! They had so much fun trying to figure out which way to go and searching for their goodies. That part is almost as much fun as opening up the little gift at the end!

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