Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cinderella's Daily Chores

Anyone else have a hard time getting the chores done? Or maybe struggling to find the balance between work and play? Well we have gotten some great inspiration from @lifemadewithlove of how to make it easy to do both at once, continue reading to find out more!

"I swear I’m not the evil stepmother over here!

When it comes to chores it’s been a hard battle between “its important to instill these qualities” and “they should spend their time having fun!”  Both are very important, but that doesn’t change the difficulty of finding a good balance.  I’ll be honest; we don’t do a lot of chores over here.  With the exception of cleaning their room and helping mom with a few things to almost “practice” getting ready for chores, that’s about it.

However, I still want my kids to build that foundation.  To have pride in what they complete and to also know that our daily jobs don’t have to be all work.  They can be fun too!  Basically, much easier said than done.

With a toddler and a preschooler we are only at the beginning of our chore endeavor.  They aren’t old enough to be capable of the big jobs but more than make up for it with pure enthusiasm about everything us adults find to be dull. 

My all time favorite task for the kids is to have them dust.  These little Swiffer dusters are perfect for their size.  It’s a job that can be done with a quick swipe across something before hastily moving on to the next object or place to dust.  Keeping their hands ever busy and changing.  It is soft and feathery making it hard to do any kind of damage or knock anything over, and it light and easy to carry.

I keep two little dusters in a safe, low cabinet so they can grab them when it’s time and put them back when they are done.  Having the ability to do it all by themselves has made them feel really independent, aiding in their excited to actually… clean!

It’s a small task, but it feels so big to them, and it is a HUGE help to me.

I knew that adding the Little Adventures Cinderella dress would make Luella WANT to clean as part of play pretend but I didn’t realize how much.  She loves the dress and completely plays along by singing and dancing while she straightens up her room and dusts with her little duster.  Even when that quickly gets old she’ll play all day in this super comfy disguise.  That is, until she runs upstairs and puts on her Cinderella ball gown of course and tells me tales of her fairy godmother upstairs!  Our Kitty is the driver and our dogs that coachmen, haha.

Step daughter by day, magical princess by night!  It is a game that never gets old.  And I never tire of watching her.  Bonus, I have some pretty clean shelves lately… "

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